Why Immediate Dentures Require Modification

Complete dentures are when the dentures replace the entirety of your upper or lower dental arch (which is made up of all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw). There can be a sense of relief when you receive these dentures, which usually happens immediately after the final remaining teeth in a dental arch are lost, often after extraction by a dentist. In the weeks that follow, this sense of relief can be replaced with uncertainty. [Read More]

3 Dental Problems That Can Be Solved by a Competent Cosmetic Dentist

Many people have dental irregularities that affect their smiling, talking and eating. Some of these issues may be due to developmental anomalies during childhood, and others are because of an individual's lifestyle habits. For instance, tooth discolouration is a widespread problem among people who smoke or drink too much coffee. Other common dental issues include gaps between teeth and unevenness of the teeth. These issues can negatively impact your oral and general health. [Read More]

7 Common Causes of Bad Breath

Sometimes called halitosis, bad breath is a common but often deeply embarrassing condition. Before you can solve the problem of bad breath, you need to understand what is causing it in the first place. Consider these seven common causes of bad breath. 1. Diet  Smelly foods, such as garlic, leave a lingering odour on the breath. Brushing your teeth or chewing gum after you consume these foods can help to avoid this reaction. [Read More]

3 Keys to Finding the Right Family Dentist

Oral health is part of your general well-being. The best way to ensure your family's oral health is catered for is by choosing the right family dentist. Use these considerations to help you find the appropriate dental practitioner for your family. 1. Dental Insurance The first things you need to consider when choosing a family dentist is cost. Therefore, you need to find a dental clinic whose services fall under your dental insurance coverage. [Read More]