Cavities, Bad Breath and Other Embarrassing Topics

What to Expect When You Need a Root Canal

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For many people, two of the most terrifying words in the history of mankind are “root canal”. A root canal is a procedure that often needs to be done when there is no other way to repair a severely damaged tooth that is decayed right into the root or nerve. Many people dislike going to the dentist, but when they hear that they need to have this type of procedure done, the sense of dread really intensifies. If your dentist has told you that you need a root canal, don’t let yourself get too stressed out about it. In fact, you...

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How New Technology Saves You Time at the Dentist

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You may have ruined your appetite last night when you bit into your favourite steak and shattered an old filling. It was a nasty sensation and it now feels as if you have a hole the size of a crater where the tooth used to be. Yet this is only the beginning of your problem, as you will likely require two separate visits to the dentist in order to get a new crown fitted. At least, cosmetic dentistry such as this would require that kind of inconvenience in the past, but today this can all be accomplished in one visit. How is this possible?...

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New Year’s Dental Resolutions To Counter Holiday Excess!

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The holiday season is finally over. With such a choice of sweet and spicy food at your fingertips, did you pay enough attention to your dental hygiene and oral health? As you enter the new year, it’s time to take a look at some dental resolutions. Take Baby Steps Remember that as with any resolutions, it is crucial that you take small, but regular steps to implement them. Dental hygiene constitutes a significant part of your total overall wellness, and when you understand the benefits associated it shouldn’t be too difficult to...

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