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5 Reasons to Choose a Family Dentist Over a Pediatric Dentist for Your Children

If you are looking for a dentist for you and your children, you may be wondering if your children see a pediatric dentist or a family dentist. While pediatric dentists do undergo additional training to specialize in treating children, they aren't always the best choice for families.

Family dentists and pediatric dentists can both treat children, but there are some important differences. For some families, a family dentist might be a better option than a pediatric dentist might.

1. You can schedule appointments on the same day as your child

A family dentist can treat children and adults. This means that you can save time and money by having dental work done on the same day as your child. For instance, if you need a filling done and your child is going to have a dental cleaning, you may be able to do both appointments in close proximity to each other.

2. Your child will feel comfortable knowing you share the same dentist

Children love to go where their parents go. So, if your child knows that you both share the same dentist, they'll be a lot less apprehensive about having dental work done. You'll also be able to discuss your oral health with your child and vice versa.

3. A family dentist can treat issues that run in the family

If your whole family attends the same dental clinic, that dental practice will have a complete record of your family dental history. Knowing your whole family dental history will allow the family dentist to pinpoint issues that run in the family. The dentist can then provide the appropriate treatment and suggestions to help your family overcome those issues easily.

4. Your whole family can attend the same dental practice

If each generation of the family needs to attend a different dentist, you could end up driving to multiple dental practices for dental treatment for the whole family annually. Using a family dentist for every generation of your family will reduce the number of trips you need to take to get dental treatment.

5. Your child isn't afraid or anxious about dental treatment

Pediatric dentists specialize in treating children with special needs or children who are anxious or afraid of dental treatments. If your child isn't particularly afraid of the dentist, then a family dentist might be a better option since they can treat children too.

If you want to be a part of your children's dental adventure, then family dental services might be the best option for you.