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The Importance of General Dentistry at Every Stage of Life

No matter what stage of life you are in, regular dental checkups are important for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. From kids to elderly people, everyone can benefit from seeing a general dentist to make sure their oral health is good. Here are specific benefits that general dentistry provides to particular groups.


Kids should see a dentist for the first time soon after their first tooth erupts. A general dentist can assess the position and alignment of the teeth, as well as looking out for signs of baby bottle caries, which are common in young children.

Seeing a dentist at a young age also helps to establish good habits in children. Kids who do not go to the dentist regularly could grow up with a dental phobia, which could make it more difficult for them to get the treatment they need in adulthood.


During the teenage years, many changes happen in the mouth. As the adult teeth come through, followed a few years later by the wisdom teeth, teenagers can develop misalignments that can cause problems with chewing or speaking or with the appearance of their smile. Treatment with braces or other orthodontic options during this time can help to move the teeth into a more regular alignment, making them easier to clean and therefore reducing the risk of dental decay setting in later in life.


As a busy adult, it is easy to neglect your dental health. However, it is important to continue to get regular dental checkups, even if everything seems fine. Neglecting your dental health can lead to gum disease over the long term, which can eventually cause tooth loss.

Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is an important stage of life, not just for the developing foetus but also for the woman carrying the child. Hormonal changes can make gum inflammation more likely, leading to many women developing gum disease or even losing teeth if they do not have good access to dental care during pregnancy. Pregnant women should continue to get checkups during pregnancy and see their dentist as soon as possible if they develop any concerning symptoms, such as bleeding gums or toothache.

Older People

Tooth loss is common in later life, but there are many solutions that can help older people to live full lives in spite of missing teeth. Dental implants, dentures, and bridges are all options to help older people keep smiling.