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The Three Most Common Reasons You Should Seek Emergency Dental Care

For those that are not very familiar with dental procedures, it can be tricky knowing when you have an issue that can be fixed through a regular appointment and one that needs emergency dental work. You don't want to spend the money out of pocket that might be associated with an emergency visit but you also should want the pain and discomfort gone as soon as possible. Here are the three common reasons why you should visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible due to both their severity and the level of pain that is associated with them.

Displaced Crown 

Crowns are an important dental prosthetic, and having them moved out of position can be extremely painful. With the crown moved, the exposed tooth can be very fragile and any contact with it can cause searing pain. If your crown has been moved out of position, do not book a regular dentist appointment; get yourself down to a dentist that has emergency dental work capabilities. This also goes for all other dental applications that come loose as well. Waiting for them to feel more comfortable or go back on is foolhardy and only makes the reconstruction more difficult.

Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

Whether it is from a sporting injury or just from regular chewing, a cracked or chipped tooth can be very uncomfortable. If it has split near the base, then the nerve endings could be exposed, which will lead to unpleasant sensations. Emergency dental work is required to decide whether to put a crown on or fully replace the tooth. Having a chipped or cracked tooth also means it will be nigh on impossible to eat normally, and even talking can be difficult. You also the door open to infection, which can work quickly, so do not waste any time.

Major Toothache 

Sometimes people with sensitive teeth can have quite large toothaches which can last for hours if not days. Sometimes this is correlated to an actual problem in the mouth, but not infrequently, it is just phantom pain or not connected to anything in particular. Still, you always need to have bad toothaches checked due to the possibility of anything serious lurking below the surface. Emergency dental is preferred for this because if you do need any work, they can perform it right away, while a regular dentist may take some time before they are able to perform the procedures.

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