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Top Four Reasons to Consider Teeth Straightening Treatment with Clear Aligners

Do you need teeth straightening treatment? Clear orthodontic aligners are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional braces owing to the unique benefits they can deliver to people who want to fix their crooked, protruded or misaligned teeth. 

If you're looking to bring your teeth back to proper alignment with clear aligners, you should first find out the benefits that this treatment method can deliver. Here are some top reasons to consider teeth straightening treatment with aligners.

1. Clear Aligners Work Well, For the Most Part

While traditional metal braces may still be the best option in certain cases, clear aligners are an effective teeth straightening treatment in several different kinds of corrections, especially for adults. 

Young children and teenagers may be better off sticking to traditional braces because their jaws are still developing. Aligners may not adjust to jaw movements as well as traditional braces do. 

2. Clear Aligners Are Less Conspicuous

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of clear aligners over traditional metal braces is their inconspicuousness. These aligners are almost invisible and require a keen eye to notice. This advantage is particularly useful for adults who tend to be too self-conscious about their smile. 

3. Clear Aligners Don't Require Complicated Installation

Compared to traditional braces, invisible aligners aren't as hard to install. Once your orthodontist has taken digital impressions of your mouth, they'll be able to tailor-make mouthpieces that will fit well and attach easily over your teeth. 

As a result, aligners significantly reduce dental chair time. Some dentists can recommend DIY kits that can be used at home but with professional supervision received via email. This may reduce the need to visit the dental office to get treatment.

4. Clear Aligners Are Removable

If you don't want your aligners to get in the way of daily routines such as eating, brushing, flossing and short social interactions, you can always remove them and put them in the special casing they came with.

However, don't forget that your aligners need to remain in your mouth to work. So, make sure you don't remove them for long periods.

While clear aligners may not outperform traditional metal braces in all aspects, they're an important addition to the range of services that orthodontists can offer. If you think that teeth straightening treatment with these aligners may be right for you, consider scheduling an appointment with a local orthodontist or dentist to find out more.