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5 Things You Should Know About Dentures

Dentures today are often used to partially or fully replace missing natural teeth. Modern dentures resemble natural teeth and with proper care can serve you for a long time. The following are a few things to know about dentures to help you get the most benefit out of them.

Your Speech Will Take Some Time to Adjust

When you first get dentures, you need to take some time to learn how to speak while using them. Your tongue needs to get used to the dental adjustment dentures pose. An effective way to get a handle on talking with new dentures is to read the newspaper aloud every day for a few weeks. A book can do as well. Be patient if you notice some words are more difficult to pronounce than others.

Lifestyle Changes Are a Must to Avoid Staining

You will need to alter some lifestyle habits to keep the dentures from staining. If you drink a lot of coffee, tea or red wine, you will have to reduce your intake. If the discolouration becomes extreme, you can talk to your dentist about getting them cleaned professionally.

Some Repair Might Become Necessary

Since dentures experience wear and tear over time, some repair work might become necessary to keep them functioning as expected. The most vulnerable parts of dentures are the metal clasps or attachments. Due to frequent bending, they become weak over time. Don't try to carry out denture repair by yourself, as you may do irreparable damage to them. Have a dental professional carry out the repairs instead.

You Will Need to Keep Changing Them

Although dentures are long-lasting items, you will need to change them over time. The gum and bone under the dentures change as you age, and as a result, the dentures will not fit as they used to. Replacing them when needed ensures they will serve you comfortably.

Dentures Also Need Regular Cleaning

Dentures require cleaning just as natural teeth do too. Use denture cleaning paste to brush them twice a day. Soak them in denture cleaner after brushing them. Never use hot water for this, as it will alter their shape.


Losing natural teeth no longer has to be a problem with the advent of durable dentures that look just as good. Cleaning them regularly, getting professional denture repair when necessary and replacing them as recommended are some measures that will help you use your dentures comfortably and for a longer time.