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Scared of the Dentist? Let Your Children Help You

A fear of the dentist is one of the most common fears there is. It's right up there with spiders and heights but, unfortunately, the consequences of avoiding a dental fear are potentially far more serious. When the fear stops you going for regular dentist appointments, it can be really damaging to your health.

Many people with a phobia of the dentist can trace it back to childhood when they had a traumatic experience while in the chair. But your own children can actually help you get over that fear if you simply attend their appointments with them. Here's how.

Children are fearless

Although some children are afraid of the dentist, it's a far more common problem in adults. And, even when kids are scared, they often still get on with it regardless.

This can really help to put your own fear in perspective and help you to understand there's nothing to worry about. Watching your child go through their dentist appointments and come out smiling works wonders.

No-pressure dentist visits

There are a lot of people out there whose fear is bad enough that they wouldn't even dare set foot in a dentist's office and haven't done so in a long time. If this is you, having children can change that.

When you're there for your children's appointments, there's no pressure on you as you're not the one having treatment. Simply taking your kids to the dentist regularly can make an excellent intermediate step before you work up to making an appointment for yourself.

See modern dentistry first-hand

Dentistry has changed considerably over the years, but a lot of people who are scared of it have an expectation that it will still be the same as it was when they were younger.

Gone are the days of stern, lecturing dentists who seem to be in it as much to cause people distress as they are to help. Dentists nowadays are very much there to help, and they have the experience and knowledge to treat all kinds of patients. There have also been a lot of advancements in the treatments themselves.

Being at the dentist for your children lets you see for yourself how it all is in the modern age, which should be a big comfort.

Setting a good example

If you don't want your children to grow up scared of dentists, it's important to make sure they don't see how terrified you are.

In many situations, it would be difficult to hide a strong fear, but it's easier when it's for the sake of your children. And faking how you feel about something actually has a profound effect on your true feelings, making you less scared the more you pretend.

For more advice, contact a local dentist.