Cavities, Bad Breath and Other Embarrassing Topics

Brace Yourself! Habits to Avoid When Getting Your Teeth Straightened

You will make a significant investment in time and effort, together with associated costs, if you decide to get your teeth professionally straightened. It stands to reason that you should break yourself from some of those bad habits that will likely get in the way. You don't want to be wearing braces for longer than you have to, and you want to see results quickly. What do you need to curtail?

Don't Be Nervous

Some people engage in 'nervous habits'. It's not uncommon for them to play with braces once they are in place. If they have Invisalign, they may click the retainer on and off its placing, often without realising what they are doing. Repeated application of this bad habit will eventually lead to tray damage and the need for a replacement.

What Are You Eating?

Now is definitely the time to up the ante in terms of your diet. You've got to eliminate as many sugary sweets and treats as possible. You have to avoid sticky friends like toffee, as they will stick to the braces and be very difficult to remove. Sticky foods also often lead to broken brackets, meaning a trip to the dentist is in order. Anything that you have to chew long and hard has to be reappraised, as well. If you like apples (and they are of course good for you) then you need to cut them into small pieces first.

Don't Bite!

Do you have a habit of chewing on something when you're thinking? Some people also do this when they are under pressure or dealing with stress. Pens and pencils are hard objects and when they come into contact with your braces will likely bend the wires or brackets or even cause breaks. Likewise, don't bite your nails. Get some of that evil tasting varnish and apply it to your nails; this will break that habit pretty quickly.

Red or White?

If you like to have a glass of red wine at the end of the day, consider changing over to white. This is because darkly coloured drinks have a tendency to stain your teeth. If you continue to indulge while you're wearing the braces, it's possible that when you remove them you will see the stained area, in stark contrast to the part that's been covered by the braces.

The moral is clear. Don't put all of your good work in danger and kick out all of those bad habits!