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Think Your Teeth Are Too Small? Here Are Some Easy Solutions with Big Results

Do you ever worry that your smile is not as big as it could be? This has nothing to do with how enthusiastically you smile, and it might be that you feel your teeth are simply too small. This does not have to be a permanent issue, and there are three key dental procedures that can solve the problem.

Gum Removal

It's not as though your dentist is going to get rid of your gums, but the shape of your gumline can be contoured by your dentist, meaning your dentist can effectively remove a small section of the gums. A local anaesthetic is applied, and then the gums are reshaped, generally using a low-density laser. Your dentist might take an x-ray first to ensure that an appropriate amount of gum tissue can be removed without exposing your dental nerves. Some discomfort and swelling is to be expected after this procedure, although it will be minimal and can be managed with an over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (which is essentially an ibuprofen).

Dental Veneers

If you're not a suitable candidate for gum contouring, then a more traditional cosmetic solution might be proposed. Dental veneers are exceptionally thin coverings for your teeth that are usually made from a porcelain composite. The surfaces of your existing teeth are prepared (lightly sanded), and then the veneers are bonded to the teeth. The veneers can be shaped in a way that makes your teeth look larger. While this process is less invasive than gum contouring, it is generally more expensive. But perhaps your existing teeth merely need to be realigned to make your smile seem fuller.

Dental Realignment

It might also be possible to change the look of your teeth without actually changing their size. It could be that your teeth might appear small due to the pronounced gaps between them. This can be rectified by having your teeth realigned, which is less expensive than having other cosmetic procedures done. This is as simple as having braces fitted to your teeth to allow a gradual (though noticeable) realignment to take place. If you're not so keen on the idea of having visible braces, your dentist can talk you through a few options. A transparent alignment device can be worn over your teeth and be periodically changed to reflect the desired changes to your teeth. You might also be able to have traditional braces fitted to the rear of your teeth.

It really is remarkable just how efficiently small-looking teeth can be rectified. You will never think that your smile is too small again.