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4 Common Root Canal Myths

The words 'Root Canal' are enough to make even the bravest dental patient feel faint. There are many tales about the amount of pain and distress caused by root canal treatment, but how many of these myths are actually true? Below 4 of the most common myths about root canal treatment are dispelled.

Myth 1—Root Canal Treatment Will Be Painful

While having a root canal might have been painful in the past, advancements in dental technology and pain control mean that having the procedure performed today isn't any more painful than having a tooth cavity filled.

Myth 2—Root Canal Treatment Is Only Necessary If You Experience Tooth Pain

If your dentist suggests that you undergo root canal treatment but you aren't experiencing any pain, you may believe it is unnecessary. However, it is likely that the reason you can feel no pain is that the root of the tooth is dead. A tooth with a dead root still requires treatment even if you are not in pain. Your dentist is a professional who will use a range of equipment and tests to confirm that your tooth is dead. They will only recommend root canal treatment when it is appropriate and necessary.

Myth 3—Root Canal Treatment Can Cause Other Illnesses

This myth comes from discredited scientific research. In the early 20th century, Dr Weston Price made the claim that root canal treatment could cause other infections and illnesses to invade the body. Because of this, he advocated extraction of teeth rather than root canal treatment. This meant that many patients had to undergo painful operations to have their teeth removed. Modern dentistry has since shown that the original research, which was carried out before scientists properly understood how diseases and infections were caused, was poorly designed. However, the myth still persists to this day.

Myth 4—Root Canal Treatment Only Provides a Temporary Fix

The root canal procedure can provide long lasting benefits to your oral health, relieving pain you have been feeling while also helping to save and preserve the tooth. As well as allowing you to keep your natural teeth, a root canal is usually less painful and expensive when compared to dental implant surgery or tooth exaction.

If you are have any other questions and queries about root canal treatment, you should book an appointment with a dental professional who will be able to offer help and advice about this procedure.