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New Trends for Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is big business in Australia. The current trend for teeth whitening is swamping the market with an array of products marketed to give you that glowing whiter than white smile. Traditionally teeth whitening was a procedure carried out in the dentist chair. Now there is a constant race to find innovative new ideas to whiten teeth while saving you time and money. Here are just some of the new trends trying to achieve this.

Have a party

With the amount of people offering mobile teeth whitening the idea of friends getting together and getting it done collectively has started a new trend. Whitening parties work on the basis of quite a few people wanting it done but never really getting round to it but if a group of you come together then it is more likely to get done. Even offices are offering a whitening service to employees to come along and have some cosmetic dentistry on their lunch breaks.

Brushing with charcoal

Not what most people would imagine would help to whiten their teeth but this is the new natural way to brighten your smile. Simply by dipping your wet toothbrush into some activated charcoal powder and brushing for two minutes can work for your teeth. Activated charcoal is attracted to tannins, commonly found in teeth staining food such as red wine and coffee, while remaining very absorbent and soaking up any toxins in the mouth.

Gargling coconut oil

Oil Pulling is a new term in the teeth whitening market. The process of sitting around with oil in your mouth doesn't scream 'teeth whitening' but oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method that was rediscovered by health enthusiasts. Every morning you need to swirl, gargle and hold a large mouthful of coconut oil in the mouth for about 20 minutes and then spit it out. The oil pulls off any dirt, stains and toxins from the teeth and mouth. You then need to give your teeth a good brush and after a couple of weeks you should see the results along with fresher breath and healthier gums.

Away from the dentist chair and peroxide filled DIY kits these new trends have gained a following and are being inducted into the catalogue of teeth whitening products.

There are so many ways to whiten your teeth. Contact local cosmetic dentistry clinics to learn more about these and other options.