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Why the cost of Invisalign may seem a bit high

The perfect smile is elusive to many people due to many reasons that can include accidents or just the normal morphology of their teeth structure. Dentists came up with ways to straighten these teeth so that the patient can have the perfect smile. These ways include the older use of braces and the relatively new use of Invisalign.

The latter has been quoted as slightly more expensive as compared to the use of braces with the average cost ranging from six thousand to nine thousand dollars, according to Invisalign. The practice, however, does rightfully warrant its price due to its various advantages as compared to the traditional braces.


One of the chief reasons as to why people choose Invisalign over metal braces is the fact that they are transparent. This means that they fit neatly over your teeth and no one would be the wiser as regards to their existence, except you and your dentist.

Braces, on the other hand, are very visible and can impact on self-confidence since the wearer would be extremely conscious of their presence whenever they talk or attempt to smile.

Freedom and flexibility

Invisalign gives the wearer freedom to eat whatever they want. Unlike braces where one has to abstain from certain foods like nuts, corn and candies among others, one can eat anything with the Invisalign on. Normal brushing techniques can apply because the Invisalign can be removed whenever desired.

With the braces, one has to floss and brush extremely well since they offer many facets where food residue can accumulate and lead to various other dental issues like decay or plaque. The Invisalign dental aligners eliminate all this.

These aligners are also more comfortable than the traditional braces treatment. Braces can lead to sores and general discomfort due to the brace wires rubbing against the inside of the cheek and the gums. Teeth can also break if the braces are fitted too tight, whereas the Invisalign is fitted just right according to the client's morphological specifications.

Wide range of defects

The Invisalign also has the big advantage that it has the ability to correct a variety of dental cases that include improper spacing as well as misalignment of the rows of teeth. The aligners are made by a computer program working off the specifications of your dental morphology. This makes it able to efficiently iron out the small kinks in your dental appearance.